Camels and Ferraris

the Pakistanis have trouble seeing through all their auto embellishments such as flowers and beads they string across their windshields as they drive with their toes curled around the dashboard. And, on top of it all, nobody follows traffic rules so therefore you will see people passing on both shoulders of the road, down the center lane, and through parking lots — their lights flashing and horns honking as everyone goes about the city commute.


The Land of the Housemaids

“She used to sit, watch TV, and eat all day. Not even one hour work a day. When we went out, she only ordered the Ribeye and the shrimps. One day she woke up and I swear she was possessed… Screaming Allah in the backyard and making cou-cou and ouah-ouah sounds…. the next day it got louder. I knew I had to send her back when she put a white towel on her head and started walking like a mummy. It was FREAKY!”