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897fa7762a9e6565860099d6280c0ab7_400x400You may think all we do in Abu Dhabi is eat, eat, eat. But you’re wrong. We also talk about eating a lot too. And I guess like any vibrant large city in the world, we like to talk about new restaurants on the scene.

Enter Sushi Central. No, is not exactly new but has recently opened a new branch near the Mina and expanded delivery to Saadiyat and Yas Island — which is a big deal because the expat burbs are where some of the serious sushi eaters live. And we love high-end delivery!

You may say, if I live in Khalifa City, sushi that has been riding around in a metal case on the back of a motorcycle doesn’t sound too appetizing and you are correct, it doesn’t — but here’s the secret: They have a kitchen in Khalifa City that prepares everything fresh for your delivery. Now we are talking…. Right? Fresh sushi from your neighborhood, at your door, within minutes. Bingo. We have a winner!

Look at these little aquatic rolls of art. Aren’t they beautiful? It’s like a box of Godiva Chocolates, you are totally unsure of which one to pop in your mouth first. As you can tell by my previous post on both the blog and my Facebook page, I am totally smitten by the art of sushi making. Although I am married to a doctor who has a dedicated career in saving lives, I sometimes ask myself, should I have married a Sushi Central sushi maker instead? Moot point now but possibly in another go around?

Back to Sushi Central. Why do I like them so much? Aside from the wide variety of items on the menu — all of the food tastes good. I mean really good! #sushilove I also love the atmosphere of the restaurant. It has an open kitchen where you can see the chef preparing your sushi. I like that. It is clean, good service, and a perfect come as you are and eat our terrific sushi (and all of the other good stuff on the menu) sort of place. It has an impromptu clean shirt and jeans sort of vibe…. or anything nicer is okay too. Essentially, it is Japanese casual dining at it’s best.

Wednesday only. Offer ends Feb. 18th

Another reason I like them. Their marketing has punch! Maybe it is because I once had this same haircut and looked a lot like the lady in the pic and I have dreamt about eating Sushi Central for the last few nights or possibly, it is because I want to master the art of chop stinks sticks. But whatever the reason, the Ladies Night Buy-One/ Get-One campaign speaks to me. What a great opportunity to try all of the things on their menu. When I dine out with the girls we order one of almost everything and have a huge taste testing. This is a great opportunity to explore, but hurry because you only have two more Wednesdays to enjoy an aquatic buffet of fish roll yummies as the entire menu is buy-one, get-one for the ladies; I guess you could share with your man if you want. Don’t think the sushi police will kick you out, but I didn’t tell you this….understand?

You know why I love Sushi Central the most? All jokes aside. Because when I called them to support International Day at my son’s school they said, NO PROBLEM. WHAT CAN WE DO? And that speaks volumes about the type of business Sushi Central is and the commitment they are making to our community. While serving on the board of a PTA I have made numerous calls to businesses for free coffee and cookies for the teachers, uniforms for the sports teams etc. More times than not, I was rejected. We moved to the UAE so our family could learn more about the world. Make friends from different cultures. Learn more about ourselves and how we can be good ambassadors for our own home country. That sums up what a school International Day is all about. So when Sushi Central said, WHAT DO YOU NEED? That’s when I decided Sushi Central is my friend … Jack Byrnes from Meet the Parents would say…..they’re in the circle of trust 🙂

So what else makes Sushi Central so special you might ask? First, the little mobile sushi unit they will pop up at my son’s International Day is also available for corporate events, parties, school and university functions, weddings, art expos, birthday parties and entertainment events. Second, they make this cute little dessert called Dates Maki. It’s a Japanese and Emirati inspiration which consists of dates, almonds, rice and honey. It’s like a date sushi roll minus fish and insert all the other sweet stuff mentioned.

But what will really peak your interest is Sushi Central’s focus on high-end delivery services all over Abu Dhabi – Saadiyat Island, Yas Island (these two islands are new to service), Reem Island, Khalifa City A & B, Mohd Bin Zayed, Baen Jasrain, Mussafah, Al Raha, Al Reef, Al Zeina, Bandar, Khalifa Park Area — and off course, Downtown Abu Dhabi.

Want to learn more about Sushi Central? Take a look at the website here which includes their full menu selection that surprisingly offers much more than simply sushi. Like their Facebook page here so you can keep up with all of their great offers. And follow them on Twitter here.

I could tell you more about the art on the walls, the decor, yada, yada, yada….but I won’t. Just go and see for yourself. Better yet, call me and I will go with you and we can practice the art of chop sticks.


Here’s the company blurb in their own words:

About Sushi Central LLC.
Sushi Central LLC. (Founded 2012) Is an Emirati brand, a leader in Sushi delivery and casual Japanese dining in Abu Dhabi, UAE and is committed to delivering a unique experience through its fusion of world-class design, unparalleled healthy food quality and a personalized approach to service. Led by Head Chef Renato, Sushi Central focuses on fresh, local, and sustainable ingredients. The dishes are best served with a modern twist of fresh and exciting Japanese concepts. Proudly Emirati owned and operated, to date there are 3 Sushi Central branches – Khalidiyah branch, Khalifa City A branch (delivery only) and Mina branch located next to NBAD on Mina St. l 600-52-0007 l @SushiCentralUAE l #SushiLove

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