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images-1Indigo Saturday brunch and the one-hundred mile tea.

I have been in love with India since I watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and recently became intrigued with Indian food when I watched The 100 Foot Journey. Yes, I live vicariously through movies. Sometimes even Bollywood. Dreaming of the day that I can have an experience as equally exotic as I see in the on the screen.

Ask my friends. I have been dreaming of India since I arrived in the UAE and then out of the blue the Beach Rotana called and asked if we would like to join them for their new Saturday brunch at their Indian restaurant Indigo and I said — absolutely!

My interest is piqued by the sensation of India. The symphony of sights, sounds, aromas. The crowds, the landscape, the religion, the teas and spices etc. In my mind India is one of the most exotic places to visit on the planet. I really want to savor India in all of it’s splendor.

I am not a food critic and I am really not a true fan of Indian food because I haven’t been exposed. Anything new to me is always met with a little trepidation but I really, really want to explore this taste of India.

The Indigo Saturday Brunch is the perfect place for people who want to explore, for people who know and love Indian food, and for those who love the option of sharing.

The Saturday brunch is popping up around the UAE as an option for those who want a different dining experience. Tired of the crazy, the chaos, the carnival style brunches? Then visit Indigo’s Saturday Indian brunch. It’s like a quiet lunch with friends, sharing, exploring, discussing flavors, ingredients and the experience. It’s an interesting way to promote dialogue.

Indigo describes themselves as ….. Modern Indian Restaurant with an avant garde approach on North Indian cuisine, yet offering choices for the traditional palette. Guests will find contemporary favourites on the menu such as Biryani, kebabs and chaat. The signature dish that features on the menu at Indigo is the Sikhandari Raan – Pot-roasted Leg of Baby Lamb. Your own bespoke, effortless brunch!

What I know from our experience at Indigo is there is a lot to learn about Indian food, there are many different regions of India and many different flavors associated. The Indigo menu focuses on the Northern Region of India —which honestly I wouldn’t know from any other region but Indigo’s wait staff was full of information and a willingness to educate us. Which, in my mind, is half the fun. Learning something new adds the element of discovery, and I like that sort of thing.

The 100 mile tea gets it’s name from the truck drivers who require a strong tea that can take them from one tea house to the next tea house 100 miles away without stopping.

The brunch begins with a tasting menu where you check off a number of different items that are offered in small tasting dishes. There is a section of must-haves, small, big and side bites. Maha is an expert at ordering food and is assured by the wait staff that if we love it they will bring more, if we don’t, we move on. The first question out of everyone’s mouth was….is it hot? No, some of the dishes had a slight kick to them but for the most part none of the dishes were overtly spicy. Some of the dishes on the menu are familiar and some are new.

Crisp potato and cashew nut patties (v) with radish and mustard salad, tamarind chutney. Naga watepa. Pan seared fish wrapped in banana leaf. Velvet of chicken soup. Chicken soup with almonds and saffron. Classic chicken tikka Breast of chicken, Kashmiri chilies, dried fenugreek leaves and black pepper, mint chutney. Chicken biryani Basmati rice cooked with oriental spices and morsels of chicken served with raita. Butter chicken morsels. In tomato cream flavoured with fenugreek served with steamed basmati

The Beach Rotana has a lovely patio and the weather was perfect for an afternoon of al fresco dining. Chatting with friends, sipping one hundred mile tea, and enjoying the gorgeous views of Al Maryah Island while the children play on grass nearby. It was a terrific afternoon, a wonderful treat and interesting lesson on the flavors of Northern India.

If you are looking for something different and a little exotic, on an afternoon with good friends or family, I definitely recommend trying Indigo’s Saturday Brunch. It is a great treat for a quiet afternoon when you want more than a meal — you want a cultural experience.


AED 222* including unlimited soft beverages
AED 295* including house beverage
AED 111* for kid’s packages
*Prices are subject to 10% service charge and 6% tourism fee.

For reservations or more information, please contact us on +971 (0)2 697 9011 or via email at

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