The Abu Dhabi Choral Group’s “Anything Goes”


Abu Dhabi Choral Group did it again with this year’s performance of the 1934 musical Anything Goes. Packed full of Cole Porter classics, the Anything Goes cast of 35 performing members not only belted out the old showtunes but they also busted out the tap shoes too. In the 6 years I have attended, I must say, ADCG definitely upped the entertainment factor this year with their incredible dance choreography and their flashy new focus on costume design. You really never know what you’re in for because ADCG has undeniably been the best little community theater group in the UAE for 41 years — and that is certainly something for Abu Dhabi to be proud of.

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Why Have We Gone Away?


The Adventure.

You’ve always know we crave adventure. Even as a child we got bored. Running, exploring and asking questions. Why is it now a surprise when we expect more?

There was always a new challenge to win, another adventure to seek or a new goal to meet: That’s why we have gone away.

There’s nothing more exciting than staking claim to a new city, a new culture, a new way of life — it is really quite exhilarating to see. Making new friends, new memories, and experiences; that’s the oxygen we breath.

The Money.

Who can blame us? Working the same hours for less pay? If there’s a better option why not take it and dig the treasure while we can exhume it, because someone values us, enough to pay us, for the knowledge and skills we have invested — that’s why we’ve gone away.

Do you know how badly it would hurt us to see the disappointment in our children’s eyes, if years from now we told them the story of the opportunity we abandoned which would’ve changed their perspective for the rest of their lives? That’s why we chose to go away.

The Disappointment.

Companies dispose us, banks abuse us, and our civil society has become far less humane.

Talent is ignored when the company becomes bored and restructures just for the fun of it. There are no gold pens or extravagant parties for 50 years of dedicated service. We are bought and sold. Disposable commodities of the frivolous. As our professional careers are left teetering on the edge.

Why have we gone away?

We’ve gone away because the world has become smaller and our options have increased exponentially. Now working in Dubai is as easy as working in Shanghai and all we have to do is open our minds to embrace it — that’s why we went away.

The Dream.

There once was a dream of the happiness one would feel at the end of one’s working tenure.

But traveling stinks with weak knees, irritable bellies, and exhausted stamina. As we wished we would’ve enjoyed this in our thirties.

Retirement is no given, and we prefer not to risk it, and never see the globe while we can enjoy it.

Instead we will show our children the world, and share our picture books of all of the places we’ve explored, and tell our stories to all that will listen.

That’s why we went away.


A very big thank you to UAE Murals for the use of their beautiful artwork!


Maria Hegedus is an American artist from South Carolina who lives in Abu Dhabi.

She has worked as a freelance muralist and has completed a variety of custom designed murals in businesses and homes.  She has done many commission pieces including portraits, watercolors, landscapes and more. She has painted on canvas, watercolor paper and various items including vintage luggage, pottery, mannequins, ornaments, etc.

She is expanding her client base in the UAE and is excited about focusing on “local” Arab-themed art.  She is intrigued with the rich culture and heritage of the region and will be featuring this in many of her upcoming pieces.

Please visit the UAE Murals website to see more of Maria’s beautiful work.