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Smoking Doll is……SMOKING!

Currently ranked as my number #1 favorite Asian fusion restaurant in Abu Dhabi the Smoking Doll is a definite MUST TRY on the restaurant scene. Although Abu Dhabi has a number of good sushi places there is a gap for good Asian fusion food. Fortunately for us the wait is over because the Smoking Doll has opened its doors in two locations in Abu Dhabi: Nation Galleria at Nations Towers and Boutik Mall on Al Reem Island.

What’s the name of the restaurant? everyone asks me. At first you might think Smoking Doll is kind of an unusual name for a restaurant until you go and then it makes sense. The decor of Smoking Doll is exactly as the name implies it is a little exotic, a little smoldering, and a little tantalizing. The burnt orange color scheme, smoky wood embellishments and large Asian fans which serve as room dividers all fuse together to create an ambiance that excites the senses. All I needed was a smoke machine and I would’ve been ready for a fiery fan dance popularized during the Joseon Dynasty. What makes this place unusual and refreshing is the vibe. Smoking Doll is Asian exotic — not Asian kimono with cherry blossoms.

Smoking Doll, A new direction in Asian Dining. Focusing heavily on Thai food Smoking Doll brings the east to the Middle East. Thai food is famous for its intense, character driven cuisine. The perfect harmony of Sweet, sour, salty and spicy seduces you with its complexity and keeps you coming back with its vast array of flavors, textures and fragrances.

We started off with a few of their suggested mocktails, one being the DOLL’S PASSION which consists of chili and passion fruit infused in pineapple juice with a touch of sweet & sour. (As you can see from the pic we couldn’t wait to drink it!) I am seriously telling you with mocktails this good you will not miss the alcohol. The Doll’s Passion lived up to its name as it was given a full 5 stars by everyone at the table. Sweet and spicy all mixed together and a chili on top— you cannot go wrong. We then experienced a parade of food that was creatively arranged on rustic/modern dinnerware that blended perfectly with the cuisine making the experience even more authentic. We kicked off the fusion feast with CRISPY TEMPURA SHRIMPS. XO chilli sauce, citrus lime mayo, chilli garlic sauce served with picked ginger, green mango and baby gem salad (65). BETEL LEAF. Betel leaves with candied beef cheek, fragrant herbs and fried shallots (26). SPICY GREEN PAPAYA ʻSOM TAMʼ SALAD with spiced prawns (44). PANDAN LEAF CHICKEN Marinated chicken wrapped in pandan leaf with Thai pickles (35). And BANGKOK TOM YUM – TRADITIONAL HOT AND SOUR SOUP with prawns (30). What made this meal so good was the quality of the ingredients and the overall freshness of the food. It is so common these days for restaurants to have a mass-produced taste to their foods — as if the ingredients have been flown in from somewhere far away, but the Smoking Doll’s food was extraordinarily fresh.

At Smoking doll we produce authentic Thai cuisine that is then presented on beautiful flatware in a modern style so you get the full impact of this amazing cuisine. The tradition of the Smoking Dolls will be found in each store with our relaxed, yet efficient and personal service. Our food will be set against a vast array of Asian teas and cocktails that are made with passion and respect by our tea masters and mixologists.

Our server Peter,  guided us through the second course which again, consisted of some the freshiest and healthiest looking ingredients I have seen on a plate in Abu Dhabi. I love the look of fresh on my plate. Who doesn’t, right? Honestly, Smoking Doll does not disappoint when it comes to food quality and this is sometimes hard to find in an upscale-casual dining setting. The feast continued with THAI RED CURRY. Rich curry with loads of character that has a perfect balance of spice and sweetness with prawns (55). CHICKEN AND CASHEW NUT STIR FRY Spring onion, basil, Chinese broccoli and light soy (50). PAD KI MAO Spicy noodles with chilli, holy basil and soy sauce and chicken (45). STIR-FRIED CHINESE BROCCOLI AND MORNING GLORY (22). STIR FRIED ASIAN MUSHROOM WITH ROASTED GARLIC AND OYSTER SAUCE with chicken (45). BLACK PEPPER BEEF with garlic, baby beans, courgette, onion, and mange tout (50). PINEAPPLE AND CHICKEN FRIED RICE (28). Although we did not try any of the sushi dishes I am sure that the quality of the food is on par with everything else Smoking Doll serves and from what I observed it as beautifully created as everything else on the menu.

Our last course for the review was dessert, and Peter served up a beautiful combination. Although we were way too full to truly dive into the last course, for my readers, I soldiered on so that I can share all the awesomeness that was delivered to my table. MANGO STICKY RICE with coconut cream (30) and GRILLED PINEAPPLE Fresh pineapple grilled with palm sugar, banana ice cream and crunchy wonton (25). As expected, the desserts were light and tasty and a perfect ending to an incredible find.

Smoking Doll fills a much needed void in Abu Dhabi dining and with two separate locations to choose from it is convenient as well. We visited the Nations Galleria location and cannot wait to try the Boutik Mall location as well. The menu is family friendly with several dishes to please your hungry children too. I really enjoyed my experience at Smoking Doll and have told everyone who will listen to please go and give it a try. I promise you will not be disappointed. The entire menu is scrumptious!

Please peruse the full menu here and stake out your favorite dishes to try Smoking Doll Menu

Smoking Doll Location Information:

Working Hours: 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Call for reservations and delivery: 600 560 603

Working Hours: 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Call for reservations and delivery: 600 560 603

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