A Cup of Gold


Meet the world-famous gold cappuccino which is served at one of the most beautiful hotels on earth. The Emirates Palace is known as going well beyond 5 stars this luxury hotel sits directly on the beach and is a very popular tourist destination. The Emirates Palace is breathtakingly beautiful and not only showcases Arabian architecture but encapsulates Arabian culture. Frequented by the ultra wealthy, I always feel like such a pauper when I visit this place until I get my gold stache on and then all insecurity goes out the window and I become an Arabian princess just hanging out drinking my gold flaked joe. The Emirates Palace and the gold cappuccino are definitely on the bucket list for most travelers.

The Emirates Palace use only the finest ingredients to create their signature gold cappuccino. Also known as the Palace Cappuccino, this superior blend of aromatic coffee is sprinkled with gold flakes to give you a taste of royalty, making it unlike anything you have ever tried before. Served on a polished silver tray, you can enjoy your cappuccino with a special dates and dark chocolate. There is also a palate cleansing glass of water to finish with.

The Palace Cappuccino is served throughout the day in both Caviar Bar and Le Café from 7:00 am to 12:30 am. AED 60 excluding 10% service charge and 6% tourism fee.

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