ROGO’S: The World’s Largest Rollercoaster Restaurant

IMG_0645Have you ever ordered your food on an individual hand-held tablet and then had it delivered via a zipping roller coaster? If not, then it is time to go to ROGO’S in the new Yas Mall home of the world’s largest rollercoaster restaurant.

Decorated in a bold techie decor with a pattern of vibrant colors, bold stripes and the sleek twisted stainless steel mechanisms of the roller coaster railings, ROGO’S is where food meets amusement. If it weren’t for the lack of concert style lighting and throbbing club music I would think it is required to buckle up for the ride, but you don’t, because the only thing that is making loops, spirals and spins at approximately 2-8 km/h is your food coming down a tornado track!

Is it a touristy, novelty destination? Yes, but surprisingly the food is pretty good considering it shoots down from the ceiling packed tight in little stainless steel dishes. Because I have a 10 year-old boy, I have been to ROGO’S 3-4 times since it opened and I never feel as though the quality of the food has been sacrificed or that it takes a back seat to the novelty of the roller coaster experience. Amazingly, ROGO’S has managed to bring food and fun together unlike most dining/entertaining establishments. Another surprise is the menu extends to more adult friendly faves and isn’t reliant on only child friendly dishes although it does have a full children’s menu that includes all of the usuals. My menu favorites are the boomerang nachos,  sweet pear and walnut salad, grilled chicken and avocado burger and the peach and pear iced tea — and I cannot wait to try the all of the others on ROGO’S extensive international menu. And the cherry on top of the ROGO’S dining experience? There is an Entertainer coupon available!

So how exactly how does it work? Each seat at every table is assigned a number. You then place your order via a hand-held electronic tablet. The trick is to order your items individually; if not, they all come at the same time. Your food order is then sent “upstairs” where it is prepared and sent via gravity down the roller coaster tracks. Each stainless steel dish is securely closed with a bungee strap and strapped to a plastic glider that delivers your food with your number and receipt attached. Friends help friends at the communal table setting as the dishes are slid down the track to their rightful owners.

Who loves this place? Well, like, everyone! I have taken my in-laws from New York, and my son and his friends and it is a huge hit with everyone. It definitely takes dining to a complete different level and is an absolute must for visiting family and friends, playdate lunches, and children’s birthday party celebrations. According to management, they can arrange a package to fit your needs please call them for details.

What really surprises me about ROGO’S? The concept went from scratch to opening in 13 months! — that is quick preparation considering the enormous amount of detail in planning and execution. A special note of interest ROGO’S is the brain child of Jessica Wadih Al-Absi, the chairman & CEO. Women, science and technology: Love brainy women!

Do something exciting go visit ROGO’S because it will amuse you while it feeds you!


ROGO’S: Yas Mall Abu Dhabi, UAE  +971 2 565 0888

Operating Hours: Sunday — Wednesday 12:00 —22:00/ Thursday — Saturday 12:00 — 23:00

Although this is a sponsored post my views belong to me. Although, these photos do not.

Photo credits go to: Abu Dhabi Confidential, ABC News, Gulf Business,, Buro247, The Daily Mail, The National, Middle East Living, and Zumato.

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