ROGO’S: The World’s Largest Rollercoaster Restaurant

IMG_0645Have you ever ordered your food on an individual hand-held tablet and then had it delivered via a zipping roller coaster? If not, then it is time to go to ROGO’S in the new Yas Mall home of the world’s largest rollercoaster restaurant.

Decorated in a bold techie decor with a pattern of vibrant colors, bold stripes and the sleek twisted stainless steel mechanisms of the roller coaster railings, ROGO’S is where food meets amusement. If it weren’t for the lack of concert style lighting and throbbing club music I would think it is required to buckle up for the ride, but you don’t, because the only thing that is making loops, spirals and spins at approximately 2-8 km/h is your food coming down a tornado track! Continue reading “ROGO’S: The World’s Largest Rollercoaster Restaurant”