Candylicious: Mommy in a Candy Store

IMG_0621My first love has always been candy. I love CANDY! Maybe it’s in my genes. Maybe I OD’d on Disney as a child or watched too much Willy Wonka but I have to tell you it is definitely my absolute, jelly in the knees, worst weakness so when Yas Mall called and asked me to tour their new Candylicious location I said, BINGO — I am your girl!

If you are not aware, Candylicious is not just a candy store— it is a sweet tooth destination chocked full of 4,000 assorted sweets; or as they like to call it a feast for the senses. It kind of gives me a psychedelic sugar buzz just walking in. It’s a candyland on steroids, a color wheel spun out of control, a mish mosh of all things scrumptious and definitely every child’s dream come true. Candylicious offers a full line of Hershey’s products, a self-serve Pick n Mix section crammed full of every gummy animal produced, and a line up of Jelly Belly dispensers that goes for almost 1/2 the length of the store. At the front of the store is Spun the hard candy kitchen where you can see the staff create lollipop and hard candy masterpieces from start to finish but what you may not know is these candies and lollipops can also be customized as a personalized treat for children’s birthday parties, company give-aways, baby showers…you get the idea. You choose the colors, the flavors and a package label is created just for your occasion. Isn’t that special?

Anyone for a camel milk chocolate camel? Try to say that 5 times. Yes, it’s true! Manufactured right here in the UAE it’s a hometown favorite and I am sure a great gift for your family members back home who have absolutely everything except for a camel milk chocolate camel. Top that one Ghirardelli! And of course, Candylicious also has a full line of the San Francisco favorite Ghirardelli Chocolate along with a few other American favorites; but nothing compares to the full selection of Hershey’s Chocolate favorites. You name it. It is there. Along with my absolute favorite — Twizzlers! Candylicious has also expanded into a line of novelty items which include luggage accessories, plush animals, adorable backpacks, pencil cases, apparel and jewelry. Along with a great selection of gift items that will suit any occasion such as board games, gift baskets, a large selection of boutique candies, and a great place to pick up birthday party gift bags full of Candylicious goodies.

And now, I’ll share one of my most favorite things about Candylicious aside from all the absolutely licious candy….Garrett’s Popcorn! Yes, you have the good people from Candylicious to thank for bringing you Garrett’s Popcorn. Straight from my home state of Illinois is where Garrett’s Popcorn first opened in Chicago in 1949. On any given day in Chicago you will find people lined up down the city block to get a bag of this American favorite. Garrett’s is a family tradition and the secret recipe…..well, it is secret but there is no secret that Garrett’s Popcorn is fresh. Continuously made in the old-fashion cooper kettles throughout the day it is hand packaged to your liking: caramel, butter, or cheese. It’s your decision. YUM! Who doesn’t love Garrett’s Popcorn? It is a Chicago tradition.

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