My Lovely Hate Mail


Nunya, you wicked woman. Did you just show me some hate?

Who names their kid Nunya is what my friends said to me. A modern day Hooper Humperdink it’s so sad to see. Please go away. If you don’t like this place move. It not as difficult as it appears to be.

Nunya, just go away. I am sure most will agree. You’re ruining our picnic and our Friday brunch too. We like our chocolate fountains, our cocktails and brie. You’re a cloud over our parade — so Nunya go ahead and leave!

I’ll call my favorite company they will Delight-fully pack for you. They’ll have you out of here in a day or two.

Nunya, I don’t understand it. What are you doing here? This place isn’t for people like you. It’s best that you just stay home and keep your nastiness to yourself. Call all your nasty friends over and lock yourself in a room. Because the good people of the world want nothing to do with you.

You remind me of some toxic chemical or maybe the flu. There’s no way anyone can like someone like you. I mean seriously, you spent your time spewing out hate when you could’ve gathered some friends and had some hot tea and sweet dates.

Nunya, I don’t understand why you’re here. If I hated this place I’d seriously pack up and leave. I would shake this place off like it were a disease. But instead you took the time to blab a few jabs, at someone who intended no harm to you. I’m just a PTA mom writing down a few thoughts that happened to have a viral blog post.

Oh, god, I hate the haters. They really bother me. I’m told don’t give them the time of day, just let it bounce off. But for some reason it drives me up the wall. There’s something that I feel brewing from within. So instead of forgetting about it, I take out my pen. Nunya, I’m afraid I’m just like Taylor Swift. If you treat me dirty then I am going to spread the word — and then turn around and flip you the bird.

So go ahead Nunya, you little Hooper Humperdink.  It’s time for you to go. And next time please give it a little more thought before you publicly jot down all your nasty thoughts. Nobody is interested in your toxic smack or the craziness that circles around in your head. If you can’t come up with something sensible then do us all a favor and just go to bed!


6 thoughts on “My Lovely Hate Mail

  1. First, loved the post (as in the post in ?controversy?) Reflected something I had posted on my own blog just a short time ago.

    Second, in reading the comments, it almost seems like some people go out of their way to increase their own miserable feelings. I don’t read opinion pieces from folks I find disgusting. I just don’t. I assure you I know what goes on in this world, but I have no need to ruin my day by seeking out things that displease me. If anyone reading my blog wrote something hateful, I’d point out that they are welcome to never read it again.

    Third, you are much nicer than I am. I am a comment censor. It is my blog and on it, I am a dictator. I don’t think you should have to subject yourself to Haters nor let them use your hard earned forum to spew trash. You made the audience. You can Mute the hecklers.


  2. Hi Tig, Thanks for reading! Glad you liked it. I thought all bloggers should be able to relate to the “heckler” that lurks amongst us. I go back and forth over should I censor or not. Some days things really irritate me and other days it makes me laugh. I guess if I want readers than I should be prepared for the good comments along with the bad; and the crazy. Hope all is well with you.



  3. I am a messy reader, not only the kind who reads the end of a book beforehand but also random pages as well. I am telling this because I came across this post before the one Nunya commented on. I love your blog, the light tone, the little fragments of information and the beautiful generosity and humour beneath them all. Anyway, I was reading and wondering what Nunya (which by the way I find to be a beautiful name) could possibly have said to have upset you so. I had no idea what “Hooper Humperdink” was (I am obviously not anglophone) but that could not be good. Eventually, I found the offending post (or think so at least) and I was a bit baffled. I did not think Nunya’s comment was that bad nor completely untrue either, very blunt for sure and perhaps angry too…I thought your first answer was very appropriate “The Abu Dhabi PTA is a humor blog. It is designed to make people smile. It will never be an investigative report, a sociology study, a power tool for heavy duty reform…” why not leave it at that?
    Obviously UAE like the rest of the world is far from perfect but you seem make the most of it without loosing a sense of reality.


    1. Hi Marie,

      First, thanks for reading and thanks for the compliment. Why did I write a reply post to hate mail? And what was it that Nunya said that ticked me off? What ticked me off was this “How extraordinarily superficial you seem” You are correct. I could’ve left it at “The Abu Dhabi PTA is a humor blog. It is designed to make people smile. It will never be an investigative report, a sociology study, a power tool for heavy duty reform…” and that would’ve been appropriate. But then I started thinking about the millions of people who blab anonymously online (Nunya…stands for none ya business) spewing hate and vitriol without a care in the world. And I thought if I could address it straightaway, maybe it could be my contribution to eliminating the terrible habit of posting crap comments. Why did it bother me that I was called superficial? One, because she was too stupid to get the sarcasm behind the post, and two, I spend a lot of time working on social issues here in Abu Dhabi. I created the Facebook groups UAE Housemaids which is a job posting and help center for housemaids searching for sponsors and sponsors looking for housemaids and answers to the chaos of the housemaid sponsorship; along with dealing with issues concerning abused and absconded housemaids. UAE Housemaids has over 6,000 members. I also created Abu Dhabi FreeCycle which is a place where people can post items they would like to give away such as car seats, furniture, household items etc. Abu Dhabi FreeCycle has over 2,300 members. It is also the first of its kind in the UAE. With the explanation, you must understand how a flippant, ignorant comment like Nunya’s went directly under my skin. And I guess, another reason why I wrote the post is because I am not the only blogger who receives cyber heckling and was kind of writing an anthem for the blogger.

      Again, thanks for reading, thanks for the compliments, and also for asking the question 🙂 Hope you continue to follow The Abu Dhabi PTA!

      Best to you,


      1. I am still recovering from the shock of discovering that Nunya was not a real name (and now I can hear pronounced differently too, not as the gentle nouneea, I imagined) but apart of that, thanks the clarification and information. It does put the whole post back into the right context for me. I think you are very privileged because you are one of this person with a generous and combative mind and a way with words. On my FB this morning, a friend posted this message I want to share with you “You can not make everybody happy, you are not a Nutella jar”.
        I will most certainly continue to read your posts with delight as in these first weeks of my new life in Abu Dhabi, I need all the insight and humour possible but for now I am going to enjoy you wonderful recipe of Lemon Mint. Thanks.


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