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gina dillon

The Expat Exodus

They line up for miles to pick through the debris, of a once glamorous life like you see on TV. The sailboats, the yachts, the bubbly brunches and more; have been carefully chronicled on Facebook galore.

A Peep Free Pee

There’s more than a few things that make living in the UAE enjoyable but many times it is the little stuff that really counts. Here’s the two best examples I can provide. A clean bathroom and a peep free toilet. In Abu Dhabi, the facilities are super clean […]

Why Have We Gone Away?

Do you know how badly it would hurt us to see the disappointment in our children’s eyes, if years from now we told them story of the opportunity we abandoned which would’ve changed their perspective for the rest of their lives? That’s why we chose to go away.

Just Like Me

Twice I was in a room filled with people who looked just like me — and it was odd. Nobody with dark skin. Nobody with a Middle Eastern accent. Nobody dressed in their country’s native clothes. Only white people, in white people clothes, having white people conversation — and I was bored.