It’s a Chinese New Year!

People, hold on to your Red Fire Monkey because it is Chinese New Year at Teatro!
The “Year of the Monkey” begins on February 3 and continues through February 12th, and Chef Ted Espiritu of Teatro Restaurant at the Park Rotana will celebrate with special menu items for the New Year. I was invited to taste these delicious bites from the Far East and as always, it’s good. This unique A La Carte menu for the occasion consisting of Chinese dishes including Crispy Aromatic Duck with Green beans in Ginger Sauce, Hunan Steamed Fish with Tofu in Tou Ban Jan Sauce and Five Spiced Crispy Squid.

Sheila, our ever gracious waitress, recommended the Downtown Tokyo muddled cocktail. Although the advertisement states, This drink is a great aperitif, perfect for sipping on in Teatro’s chic lounge. It’s recommended for guests who are already familiar with Japanese spirits and has a good combination of sake and vodka, I am not familiar with Japanese spirits and found that I managed just fine. The cocktail’s strong tastes are balanced by selected Asian flavours. The method of serving it in a sake jar placed on a sake box along with a garnish of lime leaves and an infused cherry give it an authentic Japanese feel. The main ingredients are vodka, sake, coriander, ginger, lemon, ginger ale and it is priced at 70AED. It is delicious and I love the adorable little box, and it’s a lot of fun to make. See video below for the fun factor.

Take a look at Teatro’s ala carte Chinese New Year menu. Just a few dishes to spice up Teatro’s regular yumminess while putting you in the New Year mood.


3rd – 12th February Year of the Monkey 2016

Crystal Skin Shrimp Dumpling (Har Gaw) Crispy Bean Curd Roll
Five Spiced Crispy Squid
Chicken Lettuce Wraps


Sweet and Sour Prawns capsicum, water chestnut, cucumber, pineapple and cucumber
Hunan Steamed Fish With Tofu In Tou Ban Jan Sauce firm tofu, red chilies, black beans, garlic dust Three Mushroom Seafood in Oyster Sauce shiitaki, button, black ear mushroom, red chili
Crispy Fish with Tau Si in Black Pepper Sauce pineapple style fried fish, spring onion, ginger and cilantro

Chicken, Beef & Duck

Traditional Kung Pao Chicken spring onion, dried chili, roasted peanuts, button mushroom
Crispy Aromatic Duck with Green Beans in Ginger Sauce roast duck, red chili, crispy garlic chips Beef with Broccoli in Xo Sauce marinated beef, toasted sesame seed, oyster-soya sauce
Beef with Ginger and Spring Onion in Oyster Sauce marinated beef, garlic chips, red chili

Noodles & Rice

Lobster Chow Mein yellow noodle, bean sprouts, red capsicum, celery stalks, cilantro
Chicken BBQ Fried Rice mix vegetables, egg, xo sauce
Yang Chow Fried Rice shrimp, mix vegetables, egg, oyster-soya sauce, fried garlic and spring onion Steamed Jasmine Rice

The best thing about Teatro is it blends the best of East and West with a diverse menu featuring masterpieces from Thai, Indian, Chinese, Japanese Sushi and Italian cuisines. Basically, Teatro pleases everyone and it does so with exceptionally tasting food. Although this is a celebration a red fire monkey, if your loved ones aren’t in the monkey mood there’s always pasta or pizza to please them. But if you’re game go ahead and try some of the Chinese New Year dishes such as Five Spiced Crispy Squid, Three Mushroom Seafood in Oyster Sauce or a Traditional Kung Pao Chicken. I did and it was fabulous as always. Since I know very little about the Chinese New Year except that I am a snake and not a monkey, and I am unsure of how that might effect my ability to celebrate the new year but I am certainly going to give it my all. Sabine, Teatro’s manager, lived in China for a few years so she gave me a quick intro course on the Chinese New Year traditions. Inside advice is always good.

One thing I would definitely recommend if you go to Teatro is the big show. It’s a sampling of all of their desserts served up in a spinning display of Asian sweets. When I think of Asian food I typically don’t salivate over the desserts but Teatro puts on a “big show” which is a perfect selection of Far East inspired desserts. I cannot pick a favorite but I did underestimate a little serving of a mint infused watermelon slushie and therefore didn’t take the pic until after my first bite. It was certainly love at first bite.

After dessert we were treated to a Chinese fortune cookie unlike any I have ever seen. What a cute presentation. I have never seen a fortune cookie rolled instead of folded. I think I have been misinformed all of these years by the folded cookies.  What a great way to wrap up a Chinese New Year celebration with this delicate little cookie. Although, the message inside was a little dark. Hmmmm.

No plans this weekend? Then go to Teatro for their Chinese New Year celebration. You only have a few more days left. So give them a call for a reservation today!

Teatro is located at the Park Rotana

Opening Hours 6:00 pm to 1:00 am

Contact Details T: +(971) 2 657 3333, F: (+971) 2 657 3000, Email:

Visit their website for more information on location, menu and specials.

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