Teatro — For My (blank) Birthday

Last week was my (blank) birthday and I could go anywhere to celebrate in Abu Dhabi that I wanted, but I chose to go to Teatro at the Park Rotana.

There are swankier places, places with perfect cocktails, and fashion model hostesses who try to make you feel as though you are an inferior being. There are also more romantic places, more expensive places, and places with more idyllic settings but I chose Teatro because we were including our son in the celebration and Teatro’s new menu, just like their old menu, strives to keep everyone in the family happy.

I also want to disclose that this was the first time I have been to Teatro when it wasn’t a free media event. There was no red carpet for me, nobody seemed to recognize me as a blogger and there were no marketing managers making sure I had the best of the best. The chef didn’t come out and schmooze me and the wait staff wasn’t a second shadow trying to insure their job. It was just me, my family, and our food.

And still, minus all of the schmoozing — it was a very, very good experience. The one consistent comment I hear when I discuss Teatro with friends and acquaintances is that Teatro’s menu provides something for everyone and it is almost always a guarantee that you will always receive fresh, very well prepared photographically beautiful meals by a top notch team.

During the summer break while many of us were away from the heat, Teatro closed its doors and underwent a partial remodel to make the place a little cozier. They created a comfortable nook for patrons to quietly chat and dine with friends or the perfect little place for a romantic evening away from the kids. Whatever your need, the new remodel embraces it. Here’s a collection of photos using professional models demonstrating just how cozy the new space is. I reconsidered photoshopping my face into these pics but what I consider a fun joke could start a few scandalous rumors so left it to the pros. Although if I were in these pics I too would be enjoying myself just like a professional model being paid to eat.

Due to a few scars from media events of the past (told you I only write about the good stuff) my husband was a little apprehensive about the evening so his enthusiasm for the outing was lukewarm at best. My husband’s perusal of the menu began with a raised eyebrow but soon transitioned into an approving head tilt. And then he realized — pasta, sushi, steak and tandoori was all on the same menu. “GET OUT OF HERE!” he cried. “There’s no way a restaurant can possibly serve this big of a variety and still taste good.” To be honest, I was a little hesitant too because remember during media events I am served what they want me to eat. It’s like when you’re hosting a dinner party, of course you cook what you know really, really well. That’s a no brainer. Right?

And then we tasted our Mini’s fettuccini carbonara — oh, my goodness — It was the lightest, most flavorful fettuccini I have ever tasted. Seriously, don’t hesitate to order the pasta. Mini is still talking about it. He has a list of the best pasta in the world according to him. Penne in Cabo San Lucas, the bowtie in the Maldives, and now the fettuccini carbonara at Teatro.

My birthday dinner menu included: Crunchy green bean tempura. California maki. Lotus blossom w/chicken. Fettuccini carbonara. Kung pao prawns. Banana cigars with coconut ice cream.

And a Trip Advisor comment from a complete stranger who was as happy as me (I opted to omit latest review from cranky diner who complained about lack of table cloth and dim lighting. Seriously?!?

Well it’s been a long time coming but there is a new menu at Teatro (Abu Dhabi). Some old favourites have gone, which will disappoint a few people, however from the new menu the Grilled Seafood Platter and the Lamb Shank were excellent. For the regulars they will need to embrace the changes that have been made; for newcomers, Teatro offers a selection that is global. Eastern, Asian and Western cuisines are all covered so whatever mood you’re in you should be able to find something to match your palate. — Michael, September 2015.


Overall, the food was outstanding, the presentation was fantastic, and our server Sheila was an absolute delight and refreshing change from the aloof and starched fashion model hostesses. I would definitely recommend Teatro for the following occasions: Large groups of friends, small groups of friends, dining alone, dining with kids, dining with hard to please people, dining with people who are easy to please, romantic dinners, dinners that you hope might turn romantic, goodbye dinners with the visitors you cannot wait to get rid of, goodbye dinners with those you wish could stay longer, corporate dinners to celebrate, boring corporate dinners to please a boss you don’t really like, corporate dinners with a boss you want to impress, girlfriends who eat small plates and then choose to drink their calories, dinners with girlfriends who are picky eaters and like everything on-the-side….you get the picture. Go to Teatro!

By the way, Google Map it for the first visit because it’s in the Park Rotana which is tucked away behind TwoFour54 but your second visit will definitely be a easy breezy and mark my word  — you will be going back.

After you’ve tried it follow up with me here and comment about how much you loved it. Maybe we can go grab a bite and then drink our calories together. Really, you’re going to love it 🙂

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Photo credits and a thank you go to Time Out Abu Dhabi because their photos look better than mine!

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