Asia de Cuba — Barrio Chino



I should’ve been born in the steamy streets of Havana’s Barrio Chino eating a spicy egg roll and washing it down with a cold minty mojito. I think I would’ve felt right at home dancing the conga or the mambo under the Asian lanterns that light the neighborhood of Havana’s uniquely flavor-fused, sui generis community  known as Barrio Chino de la Habana or Havana’s Chinatown. Which is why you will understand when I tell you that I love Abu Dhabi’s newest restaurant Asia de Cuba.

Who says sophistication has to be boring? AdeC is stylish but not haughty. It is lively without being loud. It is the perfect amount of glam with a dash of gutsy. If you love unique blends, stylish settings, and great food —then you too will love Asia de Cuba.

There are few things that I give a “hands down” to in my blog posts but Asia de Cuba is one of them. London. New York. And now Abu Dhabi. Asia de Cuba is like no other restaurant in the UAE. We have many good restaurants but few can create an almost perfect dining experience that combines food, style, location, and atmosphere — and Asia de Cuba succeeds on all levels.

Of course, I am biased. This is all things I love wrapped up in one. A perfect bow on top of a saucy fusion package. How can I not love it? While I was there I imagined myself coming back again and again, and bringing a new friend each time I visited.

Why do I love AdeC? Let me count the ways: Let’s start with the location. Located at the St. Regis Nations Tower/Nation Riviera Beach Club, valet parking and a beautiful tunnel leading across to the Corniche is where you will find Asia de Cuba overlooking the ocean with a stunning view of the Marina Mall area. The decor in the outdoor bar area balances fun and festive with chic. The colorful lights mimic the Asian lanterns of the Barrios Chino and the ample seating and conversation areas are a great place to relax with friends.

Another reason I love AdeC is because the food is unique, surprising, innovative, and yummy! I love fish and I love flavor and AdeC delivers on both. My favorite dish is ROCOTO MISO GLAZED BLACK COD vegetable escabeche, avocado poblano purée (135) and some of my other favorites are SHRIMP CHURROS sesame, coconut curry (75), KING CRAB & ASIAN PEAR toasted coriander vinaigrette, orange, ancho chili (85), CHILI RUBBED SCALLOPS black rice, cauliflower, japanese aioli (95), and to complete a perfect meal, THAI COCONUT & LEMONGRASS FLAN honeydew, caramel (45). Of course, there are many other non-seafood options: duck, veal, lamb, beef and chicken. Visit their menu to see the full selection.

Are your taste buds dancing in your mouth yet? If not, take a look at some of these dishes. And to hear award-winning Cuban chef Luis Pous announce them one by one is like the NFL announcing their top players. These dishes have punch. Not always a spicy punch but definitely a flavorful zest. One thing I can guarantee — AdeC doesn’t do boring food.

AdeC is definitely the whole package in Abu Dhabi dining. The style feels very Miami inspired by Cuban culture and serving up the delicacy of the Barrio Chino de la Habana. For now, Asia de Cuba is in a league of its own here in Abu Dhabi — and I think you should go and drink a real mojito, dance the rumba and have a dinner like no other!

Asia de Cuba is open for lunch from noon to 3pm; for dinner from 6pm to midnight; and beverages are available from noon to 2am. For reservations, call 02 699 3333

These views are mine and mine alone.

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