A Peep Free Pee

There’s more than a few things that make living in the UAE enjoyable but many times it is the little stuff that really counts. Here’s the two best examples I can provide. A clean bathroom and a peep free toilet.

In Abu Dhabi, the facilities are super clean because there is always someone cleaning up after you. It makes one lazy actually; or if you prefer to look at it in another way, free to do what we chose instead of what we need to do. Not long ago I sat in a German food court just waiting for someone to pick up my tray. I was paralyzed by the conundrum  ‘should I pick up this tray or should they?’ When you first arrive in the UAE it’s a common thought. Not sure who does what. And then you finally blend into the lifestyle and realize that you don’t really do any of that kind of stuff anymore. It took a good 5 minutes of sitting in the German food court before I realized that nobody was picking up my tray but me.

In the Middle East privacy is a super big thing. And for this reason, I am finally able to enjoy a peep free pee. I have no idea why this isn’t possible in the United States, land of so many freedoms which obviously do not include peep free pees, but many other things that mean absolutely nothing to me such as carrying a machine gun into a Starbucks. I don’t really want or ask for those things, I simply have always wanted a peep free toilet stall and I have finally found it. A stall that is sealed. No eyes gazing from the vanity mirror, no child peeking in looking for their mommy, no stall troller looking for an empty throne. Just me peeing free of peeps. Awww!




3 thoughts on “A Peep Free Pee

  1. Hi, Gina, my husband is a neonatologist and we are extremely interested in moving our family to Abu Dhabi. Would you mind emailing me so I can ask you some specific USA physician recruitment questions? Thanks for your time and I love the blog.


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