Publicity & Reviews

imagesWould like for me to visit and review your business? I am happy to do so in an exchange of services. I would be happy to offer personalized postings that highlight your business or service in a way that will make my readers wish they were there.  I also provide product reviews. Please let me know if you are interested. Here’s a little more about why you should partner with The Abu Dhabi PTA.

1. Currently the Abu Dhabi PTAs has a readership of thousands per day in 93 countries — and we are growing daily! I’m sure all of these people would love to hear about the fabulous time we had at your business. And hopefully, they in turn will make plans to visit.

2. Each of the multi-cultural and ethnically diverse women in the Abu Dhabi PTA have a strong network of friends at different schools in the UAE; which means more exposure and friend referrals for your business.

3. No doubt about it, I am a social media wiz. I am the founder and administrator for UAE Housemaids (7,800 members), FreeCycle Abu Dhabi (7,400 members), Abu Dhabi Kids (1,300 members) and Khalifa City A Community (2,100 members). I know how to work social media!

4. I love exploring the UAE and telling fantastic stories about my adventures. I would love for my next post to be about my awesome experience at your business.

Please send me a note to begin the next adventure with The Abu Dhabi PTA.



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