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My name is Gina. I am an expat living in the United Arab Emirates and this is my blog. The UAE is a powerful little oil rich country next door to Saudi Arabia and across the gulf from Iran. It’s home to Dubai and Abu Dhabi — the most recognizable of the touristy destinations.

This blog began when I first moved to the UAE and joined the PTA at my son’s school. The PTA was a great way to meet friends and learn about my new life here in the UAE. Since then the PTA has expanded into a diverse group of friends and we spend our days, our nights and weekends exploring the UAE. Along with exploring with friends, I also have a huge mission. I believe my blog can educate the world about the UAE through humor. So during my time here I am going to share my adventures, my experiences and my personal thoughts about life on here in the UAE. This is not a scary place. A little crazy? Yes. Scary? No! Surprisingly, we expats have lots of fun. There’s so many interesting things to see, do, and explore here in the UAE.

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  2. Hi Ma’am Gina! I just saw so your blog and it’s really helpful for me bcos I’m thinking of moving in UAE 🙂 Easy to read and I felt like we’re just talking in person. Very informative! Keep up the good work 🙂


  3. Hi Gina, my husband is interviewing for a possible job opportunity in Abu Dhabi. This is extremely preliminary as they are talking with many candidates but thought I would do a bit of research (just in case it comes to be) about Abu. I presently live in a small town in CT about an hour from NYC. I have two sons (freshman in high school and 7th grader). I have visited many European cities as well as US ones but have a novice when it comes to this part of the globe. I think by biggest concern is finding a nice neighborhood/housing that would be close to the school we would choose. I love a serene setting with a neighborhood feel, as opposed to city (though I love NYC as I lived there many years). It also appears housing is difficult to find. My husband went to the AIS in Jordan (he lived in Jordan with his family for five years as a pre-teen) and I see there is also one in Abu Dhabi which we would look into. During my research, I also read that driving is very hectic. I am not a nervous driver but is that true and is there a way to avoid driving daily depending on ones location? I loved description involving facing life with humor. My blog contains short stories of my Irish mother and Scottish father if you ever have time to visit though I have lately become involved in a variety of photo challenges which are addicting! In meantime, if anything should progress I will be in touch once again! I was delighted to see you are fair and blue eyed (like me). I love warmth but take refuge under a beach umbrella whenever possible. Thank you for this wonderful resource and I hope you have a lovely day.


    1. Hi Kathy, Depending upon what school your boys attend I would say that you have a good chance of finding housing near the school. Not sure about serene setting since everything here is under construction 🙂 Saadiyat Island probably fits that description the closest. Cranleigh is the school on Saadiyat Island. Housing can be a challenge if you are not flexible but new housing is being built everyday.

      Yes, driving is hectic and a little crazy but you will get used to it. I live in Khalifa City and only drove around this community for almost 4 months when I first moved here. I took a taxi into the city until I became comfortable driving.

      Wishing you all the best with your relocation…if it comes to that 🙂 Thanks for reading!


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